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About the Linkspams

So I run linkspams. And since I’m more or less the only asexual blog I’ve seen doing them except for Acewatch, I thought I’d discuss why I write them and what I want to get out of doing them. (Incidentally, I would love to see other people running linkspams–I worry sometimes that if I miss something, it won’t get seen.)

My first goal is to stimulate discussion in the asexual community. I want to see new, up-and-coming asexual blogs getting more traffic. I want to see people reading more posts and reacting to them. I want to see discussion furthered and new ideas getting out to as many people as possible.

My second goal in doing linkspams is to raise the profile of posts I like or that I think are thought-provoking. My linkspams are not objective. They are also not a list of every single thing I see published in a single week, much less everything that has been published. I’m not all-knowing and I sometimes miss things! Besides, I am not doing linkspams to archive all asexual discussion, I’m doing them to help send traffic to pieces I find interesting.

The posts I link are generally things I’ve seen published in the past week that I find interesting. I might not agree with everything in them, but I always think there are ideas in them that I think are worth considering. I do not generally link to posts that I emphatically disagree with.

I also do not link things that are triggering to me personally or that I find hateful to asexuals. My blog is intended to be a safe space for asexuals, and I don’t want to increase the traffic to places I find hurtful unless I’m specifically commenting on why I’m being hurt by a particular piece. I do sometimes link to rebuttals of these things. Additionally, I sometimes link to content that may be triggery for some people, which is noted by a large bold “Trigger warning” notation above that link detailing what the link contains. I try not to link to explicit common triggers in the summaries for those links.

Finally, I only link to one piece per author per week. If you like a post that I’ve linked to, I encourage you to go check out the rest of that person’s blog, because it’s entirely possible you’re missing a lot of good stuff I haven’t explicitly linked to.

Some boundaries: I spend a lot of time doing linkspam. I sometimes find it fairly draining. I also spend a lot of time on this blog more generally that I often find exhausting. At this point, I am putting in all the work I can with them–as usual with my blog, if you think I’m doing it wrong or should do it differently, please by all means start your own.

I have decided that I’m no longer going to be responding to linkspam comments, since I’ve started doing actual open threads on Friday which can be used for miscellaneous discussion. This will be reflected in the new headers on future linkspam posts. My linkspams are not the best place to comment on the linked blogs–if you can, please comment on the actual posts linked to so that the authors can see and respond to commentary. In any case, generally if I have the energy to actually engage with the discussions on the linked posts, I will have done so there. (I have limited energy to actually comment on things.) I really don’t want to do that here, most of the time, unless I’m writing a full response post.

You can reach a list of every linkspam I have ever done here. I’m not currently monitoring links I’ve posted previously, so some links may be broken, particularly Tumblr links. I happen to think Tumblr is a godawful system in general, but it’s especially bad for archiving posts because it’s very easy to retroactively change URLs. I do apologize for links that are broken as a result of that.

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