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A Carnival of Aces: Masterpost

The Carnival of Aces Masterpost will be hosted at The Asexual Agenda in the foreseeable future. This post will remain up but will not be edited. Please direct yourself to the new masterpost here


This blog carnival is an effort to encourage a variety of different voices to speak about asexuality from their own perspectives. Anyone can participate, but the responses should deal with asexuality or the asexual spectrum (grey-As, demisexuals) in some way. They should also relate in some way to the theme of each round of the carnival, which will change from month to month and will be chosen by the person hosting the carnival for that month.

The scope of this project is general–any post dealing with both asexuality and the theme of the carnival is welcome. Alternate forms of media are also welcome as long as they deal with the prompt! If you’re not sure whether your piece is okay, submit it anyway and we’ll figure it out.


What is a blog carnival?

A blog carnival is an event in which various people write posts around a single topic. These posts are then collected at the end of the carnival and linked together by the carnival’s host.

How can I submit a piece for the carnival?

Instructions for submitting pieces for the carnival are on each month’s call for participation post. The current one is here, and the current topic is gender.

What does it take to host the carnival?

You need to have your own blog, first. The person hosting each round of the carnival chooses the theme that that round revolves around, so by the time your round comes up it’s good to have a theme in mind.

How can I volunteer to be a carnival host?

You can sign up to host a future round of the carnival by commenting on this post with the month you wish to host and the blog you’ll be hosting from. You do not need to have a theme until the start of your round.

Alternatively, you can email me at sciatrix@gmail.com to see about hosting a round of the carnival and to be added to the list.

Where will future carnivals be hosted? 

No one has currently volunteered to host one for the near future.

Where have past carnivals been?

May 2011 – Writing From Factor X – “Coming Out”

June 2011Asexy Beast – “Intersections Between Race/Ethnicity/Culture/Nationality and Asexual Identities”

July 2011Skeptic’s Play – “Community”

August 2011Neutrois Nonsense – “Relationships”

September 2011An Asexual Space – “Media”

October 2011Blog the Second – “Family”

November 2011Kaz’ Scribblings – “Gender”

December 2011Really Ideally Emily – “Attraction”

January 2012Confessions of an Ist – “Unfulfilled Desires”

February 2012quod inane vocamus -“Re/presentation”

March 2012Shades of Grey – “Sexual Exploration”

April 2012 –  Hobbit Activism – [no roundup found]

May 2012 – Deep Pencil – “Asexuality and Feminism” [does not appear to have been run]

June 2012 – Blog Without a Topic – [accidentally did not happen]

July 2012A Life Unexamined –  “Compulsory Sexuality”

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