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July 13, 2011

Wednesday Linkspam

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So it’s Wednesday Linkspam again! Please feel free to use this space to self-promote, link cool things, or ask me questions.

From logopraxis: Zucchini recipes?

Is there anyone out there who actually has a zucchini, or a queerplatonic life partner, or a Boston marriage, or anything even remotely resembling any of the above? If so, I would really love to hear as much as you are comfortable telling about how exactly this wondrous thing came about. Alternatively! Have you ever made a concrete effort to acquire such a relationship? How did it go? Any advice on how to approach the whole business?

From outlawroad: The Difference Between Romantic and Platonic Love: Why It Shouldn’t Matter

And see, my problem with this is that on the one hand, I do think there can be a difference between a nonsexual romantic relationship and a friendship but I absolutely do not agree with the way so many other asexuals characterize that difference!

From Childfree Ace: Sex still isn’t necessary for romance

Apparently people have been referred to an older post on this blog from an asexual denialist post on another blog. Among the usual false claims and absurdities, a commenter there repeated yet another misconception that is only partially related to asexuality: that romantic attraction and sexual attraction are inextricably linked.

From polisci-prelaw: To my dear asexual community

It’s days like this that remind me how much I love you all. If nothing else, we are hella good at sticking together.

From coolmoniker: My Community is my Rainbow Family

I want to take the time to talk about my queer community. The community that I belong to and the community I consider home. I’ll be finishing up school this fall and since my community is a school club, I will soon lose it when I move back home. And that breaks my heart.

From aceadmiral: A response to egregiously

SO. It looks like the OP took this down and apologized, which is fine or whatever, but let me answer all these arguments, which I have addressed individually in the past, in one place for anyone else who says stuff like this in the future.

From Charlie the Unicorn, Ace Detective: More thoughts regarding being queer

And there are so many misunderstandings that I scarcely know where to start, so I’ll go to what may well be the central issue – not all asexuals want to or do identify as queer, but some do.

From shaunsense: On the notion that asexuality is slut-shaming in identity form

I couldn’t be a sex-positive feminist if I wasn’t comfortable in my asexual identity.

From Black Dog Musings: Sex and Relationships and Me

Having read this post, I got thinking. And then I decided that I should state my position on sex and relationships, as it stands now.

From Charles again: Tell me the people who are ace in your headcanon!

I put an exclamation mark to show that I am VERY ENTHUSIASTIC about hearing who you think is ace.

From An Asexual Space: Writing Experience

I suppose it’s easier to demonstrate to an audience that a character is asexual than it is to demonstrate you’re asexual in real life. Even with third-person narrators, you can peek into a character’s thoughts. Not so possible in real life, unless, as I’ve always feared, everybody’s developed telepathy without telling me.

From lizziegoneastray: More about coming out and “keeping an open mind” about asexuality

First of all, must every single goddamn person I come out to tell me that I should keep an open mind?  They’re not telling me anything I haven’t already heard and/or thought of on my own!  Besides, I should be allowed to state my sexual orientation without a disclaimer.

From Swankivy: How to Be an Asexual Ally (Part 1)

Unless this article is your first introduction to asexuality, you thought something. Maybe you said something. Maybe you wondered later whether what you said sounded ignorant. Or maybe you stayed silent and regretted it. Maybe you’re wondering if it would have been okay to ask questions. Maybe you’re wondering how you can be supportive of the asexual community even if you’re not one of its members. Maybe you want to know how to be an asexual ally.

From Captain Heartless: Asexuality/Hypermobility and the reoccurring themes of my life

So I think I’ve mentioned this before but I have a strange genetic condition (for which I will use the term “hypermobility”, although I should note it’s more than just me being flexible). My hypermobility makes me extremely flexible, gives me stretchy skin, and a variety of other problems and/or oddities. Now, something that has always amused me is how many similarities my experiences with asexuality have with my experiences with my hypermobility.

From Hypomnemata: The Back Pew: Asexuality & Christianity (and Part 2)

Now that I’ve laid out the back story, I’m going to state up front that in my experience of Christianity, there is in fact little encouragement or acceptance of asexuality.  Celibacy, yes.  Asexuality, no.

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  1. (Since I can’t comment on the tumblrs)

    I found myself really disagreeing with Outlawroad’s post on the romantic/platonic hierarchy. Or maybe it’s a case of me being unclear on what it says. It assumed that asexuals are buying into the romantic/platonic hierarchy just because they feel like they have something to prove. Are you sure it isn’t because some of them actually experience it that way? The tangent on polyamory only underscores this point. As Outlawroad admits, polyamory is not for everyone, and that there are some ways in which monogamy cannot challenge the relationship hierarchy. Doesn’t that suggest that for monogamous people, there are aspects of the hierarchy which are completely sensible and helpful?

    A more general comment: it really sucks to lose friends to their romantic partners, but whatcha gonna do about it? Talk all you want about how for you, friendships are equal to, and blend into romantic relationships. But is it true for them too? Apparently not. We need to negotiate our differences, not deny them.

    Comment by Siggy — July 14, 2011 @ 2:04 pm | Reply

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