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July 6, 2011

Wednesday Linkspam

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As always, feel free to self-promote, link to cool stuff, or ask me questions in the comments!

The third round of the Carnival of Aces finished up today! The round-up is here at Skeptic’s Play. The next round is being hosted at Neutrois Nonsense and should be up soon–I’ll update this post when its call for submissions go up. Submissions for the carnival are always welcome!

Update: The new call for submissions is here, and this month’s topic is relationships.

From Asexual Experiences: About this blog

This blog is an attempt to collect the experiences of asexuals (I do hope there isn’t already another blog who does this, if there is one, feel free to point it out). The asexual community is very multifaceted, and I’d like this to be represented here.

From Ace Admiral: Asexy Fic I Know About

So there was a fanfic flamingo a couple of weeks ago about asexy fic, and a lot of people in the comments were like, “What? Where!?!?!” So, here is a list of the fic I personally know about including asexuality, demi/grey-asexuality, or asexy themes (as of 6/31/11).

From Fuck Yeah Asexuality: TV Tropes: Asexuality

What you don’t seem to see are many characters who are of an age or situation to get sexually attracted – but aren’t. You don’t see many characters who aren’t particularly interested in having sex or involving themselves in a relationship with anyone.

From Meowing at the Moon: Yes, Asexuals Can Love Captain Jack Too!

For those who don’t know, the video at the end of this post is the moment where Captain Jack finds out why he is immortal. It also explains why I love Captain Jack even though I’m asexual and he’s pansexual.

Trigger warning: Discussions about consent and entitlement to sex


You know whose right it is to allow or disallow you permission to touch them in any way?

The person whose body you want to touch.

From outlawroad: When People Tell Asexuals That We’ll Change Our Minds About Our Identity When We “Meet the Right Person”

I think that’s funny as hell, actually. There are so many false premises in that attitude.

From ace-azaelia: You know what I love? 

I love when someone thinks they can be all smart and define asexuality as a lack of sexuality because they know what the morpheme a- means and what the word sexuality means (that word is, I believe, three morphemes: sex; -ual; -ty).

From sir-kit: You know one of those things I shouldn’t have to do? 

Justify referring to my sexuality as a sexual orientation. Or wanting to see it recognized and included in a list of orientations.

From polisci-prelaw:  Things That Frustrate Me

When in the process of trying to debunk a stereotype, people erase my experiences and my life and my identity.

From Childfree Ace: Sexual fluidity is not a threat to asexuality

The solution, according to some, is to state repeatedly that sexual fluidity is not real — even though that’s not true. I think the root of the problem is in telling others their self-identification of sexual orientation is false with absolutely no evidence to back up your point.

From swankivy: Asexual bingo cards

I decided to make a second bingo card to catch some of the common overflow comments. The original Asexual Bingo card was made by AVEN member jmerry. I’m going to show you both jmerry’s card and the card I just made under the cut.

From epochryphal: “Ace” vs “Asexual” as umbrella terms

I believe “ace” can function similarly. Rather than using “ace” as (quite lovely and catchy) slang for “asexual,” my intent will be a broader, more wildcard, fill-in-the-particulars meaning.

From Your Left Sock: On being aromantic & sexual

 Being aromantic and sexual are not two things that are incompatible, and I’d like if people in the future (whether they’re interested in me or otherwise) take my aromanticism into account the same way I would them being romantic. And the same with any other aromantic people you meet – we’re pretty invisible.

From Skeptic’s Play: Asexuality at SF Pride 2011

Last weekend, I went to a pride parade for the first time.  I marched in SF pride 2011 as part of the asexual contingent.

From nethdugan: World Pride 2012! 

If there were an asexual contingent at World Pride 2012, held on July 7th in London, how many people would come?

From Ace of Hearts: The 30 Day Asexuality Challenge

I feel like we deserve to have one of our own, so I decided to write one up. 🙂

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