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June 22, 2011

Wednesday Linkspam

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As usual, please feel free to self-promote or link to other interesting things in the comments of this post! Since people often use these posts to ask me about other, off-topic things–well, I am officially designating these posts as a good place to do that as well!

From Charles the Unicorn, Ace Detective: But they aren’t the same thing!

And asexuals fit into that. Asexuals (and those otherwise on the ace spectrum) have to deal with being a sexual minority in a world that doesn’t understand or support them. The problems they face are fundamentally different from those faced by members of the other established sexual minorities, but they are no less valid.

From Agalmic Desires: The pathologization of asexuality: Evidence for its systematic oppression

Based on my research into past and present pathologization due to the DSM’s classification of mental disorders, I firmly believe that asexuals are pathologized under the label of Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder (HSDD). Because of this, I believe that asexuals do experience systemic oppression at the hands of the psychological/psychiatric establishment.

From sir-kit: Another post about asexuality and queer.

And one of the things that has annoyed me most about the discussions of asexuality and queer is that both sides frequently assume the queer community is monolithic to a certain degree.

From Asexual Cupcake: I think I’m sick of the concept of privilege

I don’t care who’s privileged anymore. I have goals to accomplish, and that’s what my time is for.

From Kaz: A brief history of asexuality in fandom

Asexuality in fandom, asexual representation in fandom, attitudes towards asexuality in fandom, all of that – these are changing incredibly quickly.

From takesthesword: Things I feel when I read Ace!fic

I’m noticing a trend in ace!fic where the ace person is bewildered by themselves and their chivalrous partner/best friend swoops in and says FEAR NOT! FOR YOU ARE ASEXUAL! and nonchalantly describes asexuality (and also generally recognizes it instantly) to their bewildered ace friend/partner. This also usually includes the informer mentioning AVEN and having googled it at some point and I’ve got to admit that this is when I generally roll my eyes. Really?

From this ain’t livin’: Why the Hell Does an Aromantic Asexual Read Romance Novels? 

Before I came out as asexual, many people thought my romance habit was a little odd since I didn’t seem like ‘the type’ to read romance, and now, people think it’s just plain bizarre that a person who identifies as aromantic would be reading romance.

Trigger warning: discussion of childhood and adult trauma and abuse.

From Hypomnemata: The Fallacy of Causality: Asexuality & Trauma

Over the years I have had far too many conversations with people, post-sexuality disclosure, that involve some form of “do you think your asexuality is the result of (sexual) trauma?”

From Intimacy Cartography: What a Poly, Aromantic Relationship Looks Like

I’ve been seeing an excellent woman (let’s call her S) for a couple months now. We’re definitely in the middle of New Relationship Energy (so ask me about it again in several months) but I’m excited enough about it that I wanted to share the love. I think we’re working out in practice some of the stuff we like to talk about here.

From Hacking the Heart: Asexuality and Kink

So what this all boils down to, I think, since this has mostly been a stream-of-consciousness post with a vague outline I was working from, is that I can get a lot out of kink.  And I don’t experience it as sexual at all, most times, unless a heavily sexual element is somehow presented, at which point I would probably start feeling uncomfortable if I didn’t know about it beforehand.

From Asexual Explorations: Asexual History graphic

There’s a recent thread on AVEN called A history of asexuality, by an AVENite who’s been doing a lot of research in this area.

From littlepaperfrogs: What do you think the closet or being closeted means to you? 

Because no matter how much I talk about my asexuality, no matter how many times I sit down and give strangers the whole “asexuality 101 lecture,” it feels like I’m still invisible.


  1. This is a brief post, but it helped a concept click for me: it’s a food analogy about why aces might have sex.

    Comment by Aydan — June 23, 2011 @ 7:05 pm | Reply

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