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May 25, 2011

Wednesday Linkspam

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Feel free to link to blogs I haven’t seen or self-promote in the comments, as usual!

From genuineexpression: The Sexual Privilege Post

This is something that’s come up over the past few days that I really think needs to be explained. I’m going to do my best to define it, but there’s very little scholarly material on it that I’ve read (if anyone has any worthy articles on the topic, I’d love to read them!), so this is just from what I understand sexual privilege to be.

From Ace Anghraine: this makes me feel… mildly annoyed

[Sexual privilege] is not, not, not straight privilege. Neither does it deny straight privilege. They’re not mutually exclusive, they intersect. Patriarchal society revolves around heterosexual, romantic, male-dominated pair-bonding and enforces a binary conception of gender and sexuality. Thus, along the gender-sexuality metric, society grants certain privileges to people who are male, who are straight, who are romantic, who are monogamous, who fit neatly within the male/female or gay/straight binary, who are cisgendered, so on and so forth.

From Asexy Miri: …But Not For You

There’s been talk lately (as there sometimes is) about whether or not asexuals are oppressed, and if they’re sufficiently oppressed to be considered queer.

From Lashings of Ginger Beer: Erasure and Identity

This post began life as a discussion of the ‘I’m-more-oppressed-than-you’ game. There’s been a spate of posts on various sites recently discussing whether asexuals have a ‘claim’ to the queer community, and one argument is that we aren’t oppressed in the same way. Rather than argue this out, I’d much rather share with you my experiences of one particular kind of oppression, one I’m sure many of you are familiar with – erasure.

From Ace Admiral: Can I tell you something?

How can I convince the people who don’t believe me that this is a big deal when all I have is myself? And I don’t just mean the people on the internet whom I can ignore if I want to, I mean my parents.

From lizziegoneastray: So remember that post I made about getting through to my brother Ben?

 Yes, change is always a possibility, but it’s possible for all sexual orientations, not just mine.  So why are asexuals the only ones required to keep an open mind about it?

From Asexual Childfreedom: I Can’t Prove It

Sure! The vast majority of people are parents, or want to be parents… and almost everyone is sexual. That is not proof that YOU, specifically, won’t change your mind. Other people’s life decisions are not evidence for the validity of yours.

From Asexual News: “Shades of Gay” author asking for help on Asexual Suicide Project

In this case, she needs to get in touch with people who are willing to share their stories.  Names are not needed and anonymity will be protected. While numerous studies on suicide rates among LGBT people are common, no one has thought to study the suicide rates among Asexuals of any age.

From sophia_sol: A question for you.

So there is a fic I am making vague stabs at trying to write. It is not going very well. This is in part because I lack some crucial information! Namely, what is it like to experience sexual attraction?

From outlawroad: When Sex and Romance Do Not Mix: Or, Having Two Different Orientations

This post is about bringing attention to the following fact:

There are people in this world whose sexual orientation and romantic orientation do not match.

From Ninny’s Acetravaganza: Things to remember when writing about asexuality for educational purposes

Writing about asexuality in terms of how you experience it can create conflicting ideas of what asexuality is, and can cause confusion for those new to the concept.

From Shahrazad in Pants: Advice from Aces and Ace Allies?

I’m doing a little summer project that may or may not go anywhere, and I’m looking for a little input. 🙂


  1. I made two ace-ish posts at Confessions of an Ist: What Asexuality is Not (sort of a response to the ONTD_feminism comment thread) and Not Sexual, Not Sexualized.

    Comment by Aydan — May 25, 2011 @ 9:02 am | Reply

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  3. My post actually moved to here, mostly because I deleted it out of fear of trolls, then put it back up.

    Comment by Miriel — May 26, 2011 @ 1:02 am | Reply

  4. I’ve started a post that’s kind of tangential to the sexual privilege checklist project, where I’m hoping we can talk about some of the negative effects of being ace that generally aren’t talked about. Since I’m hoping to get a discussion going, could you please stick it in your next linkspam? It’s here. Thanks.

    Comment by Aydan — May 30, 2011 @ 9:52 pm | Reply

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