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May 18, 2011

Wednesday Linkspam

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I have a laptop again! Which means my enforced hiatus is hopefully over, thankfully. I’m celebrating with a linkspam.

Also, I am caving to my desire to comment on various tumblr things and acquiring a tumblr. I really hate the format the site uses, and most of my content should still be posted here, but if you want to ask me something or are interested in it, it exists.

From asexy beast: Carnival of Aces Round 2: Call for Participation

The theme for this month’s post is The intersection between race, ethnicity, culture, or nationality and the asexual identity.

From Things and Stuff: A Happy Post About Asexuality

Tonight I had a wonderful conversation with a friend/dormie who is also asexual and we realized that we had an unnaturally large number of people who were asexual (including those who might be, but we weren’t sure) currently living in our dorm.

From Confessions of an Ist: Yes Means Yes: Asexuality and Enthusiastic Consent

A Feministe post on enthusiastic consent got me thinking that it might not be a bad idea to talk about this asexual’s misgivings about enthusiastic consent.

From Shades of Gray: Willing Consent

Ironically, a standard designed to remove pressure may actually be causing some people to feel pressured, so it may be a good idea to start using a new term in addition to enthusiastic consent.

From the Unapologetic Ace: Oh, Wait.

Asexuals aren’t abnormal, they’re just uncommon. Quit picking on them, deal with it, and back off. No one should have to prove the legitimacy of their orientation, asexual or no.

From asexual curiosities: The big, bad wolf

But sex is more important for me than (traditional) romance. I’m on that side of the ratio. You know, the evil side.

From outlawroad: Examples of Sexual Ignorance, Exhibit B

I think it’s some fucked up Bullshit that America has its people trained to think the essence of humanity is demonstrated primarily or exclusively through romantic coupling. Because that’s basically what this girl was saying—that if you have no interest in romance (sexual or asexual), you aren’t human. Or at least, not properly human.

From Nami: response to a queersecret

 I get enough crap for being aromantic elsewhere, I don’t need to go into my community and be reminded of the fact that other aces don’t want me to represent them because I’m weird and they don’t want people thinking they’re weird too.

From An Asexual Space: Realizing my asexuality

Reading this journal is yet another reminder to me that visibility is important. Because when you’re invisible to other people, they may ignore you unintentionally, they may not make space for you, they may make assumptions about people with your behavior sets. And when you’re invisible to yourself, you may make assumptions, too.

From Ace Admiral: Comparing Apples and Roses

Anyway, I saw a topic that I wanted to say something about, and I am not above petty theft of topics, so: slurs against asexual people, namely “frigid” and “prude.”

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