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April 24, 2011

Sunday Linkspam

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From stackedstars: untitled

I’m tired of taking a backseat to other sexualities.

From half-wayoutofthedark: Asexuality and the Queer Umbrella

And lastly, I would say I’m queer because I’m afraid.

From genuineexpression: Okay, people. We need to have a talk.

You don’t get to co-opt my orientation to feel bad about yourself.

From aceadmiral: Things the internet has taught me, #4782

Because taking the time and energy to educate someone with no guarantee they’ll ever understand how horrible their behavior is? That is a gift. A priceless gift.

From s.e. smith: On Causes and Cures

People who say they want to know the cause of asexuality don’t just want to know because they think it’s interesting and they want to learn more. They want to know because they think it’s wrong and it needs to be fixed.

From the Unapologetic Ace: Unapologetic! 

Here’s the deal: I am tired of being made to feel bad about my orientation and having to apologize for not meeting other people’s assumptions of what I should be and how I should behave if I am of a certain orientation.

From genderweird: Half-assed Ace

 That’s what it feels like for me whenever sex stuff comes into a conversation; people don’t stop to consider the fact that it might make others, regardless of their (a)sexual orientation, uncomfortable to hear or talk about such things.

On asexuality in fiction and fandom

From Writing Like a Shark: Fandom’s Blind Spot: The Asexuality Vacuum

My point here is that if you are a person in fandom whose initial response to asexuality is to scoff and denounce its existence — and, even worse, to argue with an asexual person that they’re not really that way — please stop. Remember that fandom is a place that gives voice to people who have sex with anyone — and in any manner — they so desire, and it should also give voice to those who don’t.

No excuses.

From melannen at asexual_fandom: Writing Asexuals In Sex Scenes

So, what are your thoughts on fics where asexual characters are involved in sexual situations?

From outlawroad: Asexuals and Asexuality in Fiction: Why It Matters to the WHOLE World

Invalidating asexual characters in fiction is not much different from invalidating asexual people in real life. This attitude of, “We, Superior Sexual People, don’t care who or what you are, just go away so the rest of us can live our “Normal” lives undisturbed,” is insulting and dehumanizing toward asexuals.

From _rubber_chicken: The Ace in Escaflowne

But it would be nice not to hear, over and over, the slash pairings justified by “lack of interest in women == interest in men”. It doesn’t work like that. Be educated. Please stop. This type of attitude is hurtful, even if that hurt is unintentional. More people need to be aware that being sexual is not a given, and that that’s okay. People need to acknowledge the existence of asexuality, and not assume that it’s impossible.

Trigger warning: these posts discuss asexuality and suicide.

From neekabe: This makes me sad

I understand it. There was nothing here that was a surprise. But my asexuality is a thing of happy. It wasn’t a sentence of isolation, but rather it was permission to ignore the relationships I was supposed to have and have the relationships I wanted to have.

From edgar-night: (This is the first time I think I’ve ever had to put this…)

Oh, dear God, I need something happy right now, because the poll and its results are not pretty. Admittedly, the number of responses is only a little over a hundred, but when you consider how small the community is in comparison to most survey  populations… Bloody hell.


  1. Oh hey, wow, thanks for linking to my post here! I wrote “The Ace in Escaflowne”, and it isn’t anywhere near as eloquent as I would like it to be, but I’m glad that you found some merit in it. I hope other people will, too.

    And, of course, thanks for the linkspam itself! It’s always enlightening to read other peoples’ perspectives.

    Comment by Etienne Bessette — April 27, 2011 @ 11:04 pm | Reply

    • No problem! I liked it quite a bit.

      I’m glad you enjoy reading the linkspams! I have a lot of fun compiling them. (Also, compiling linkspams makes me feel less guilty about not actually commenting very often.)

      Comment by Sciatrix — April 29, 2011 @ 12:58 pm | Reply

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