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April 4, 2011

Monday Linkspam

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As usual, if you think that something interesting’s been written about asexuality that I haven’t got to, feel free to link to it or self-promote in the comments!

From asexy beast: Virginity, No Excuses

I wanted to answer the question “is virginity my choice?” but gave up in frustration. The usual reasons why people have sex–romantic love or sexual attraction–don’t apply to me.

From clashingcurves: Feigning Sexual Attraction: Being in Park

An “a-sexual’s” sex-drive is not in neutral. It is parked with the engine off and the key kicking about somewhere in the backseat.

From demisexuality: Some statements that are insulting to and/or ignorant of asexuals, grey-as, and demisexuals

You do not just go from sexual to asexual by choice.

From Too Asexy For My Shorts: Why Pinning Down Aesthetic Attraction Is Like Herding Cats

Even now I’m aware that I don’t have a broken sexuality, just a lack of one, it’s still very hard to pic down. When look at pretty people, there will be something about them, but there’s none of the ‘phwoar’ my friends express when they see a ‘faaaine individual’.

From Stephanie Silberstein: Asexual Dating 101: When should you come out?

When it comes to dating sexuals, however, many asexuals worry about when they should come out as asexual.

From Find (Y)our Way: Asexuality and Victim-Blaming

While perusing the AVEN forum, I noticed several participants posting stories about their experiences dating sexual individuals. In some, there seemed to be a great understanding and mutual respect within the relationship, but in others, the asexual person was being made to feel guilty about their identity and lack of interest in sex.

From Neutrois Nonsense: An Asexual/Sexual Relationship

A post over at Sciatrix’s blog called out for more asexual writing, and specifically mentioned the topic of discussing asexual/sexual relationships. Given that I am in one of these seemingly rare oddities, I feel obliged to expound on this matter.

From Kaz: Asexual oppression and all that

Reading in the asexual community, there is this thing I see over and over, and every time I end up clenching my fists and gritting my teeth and stewing in silence. It is:

“Oh yeah, asexuals are just invisible, we don’t experience real oppression/legalised discrimination/violent oppression/other things go here as well.”

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