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March 19, 2011

Saturday Linkspam

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Okay, so I’ve finally gotten around to posting this one! As a heads up, by the way, if any of you have run into anything interesting about asexuality that I haven’t linked, feel free to link to it in the comments here. Likewise, if you have something to self-promote, go for it. More linkage is always a good thing.

From s. e. smith: What Does Asexuality Mean to You?

I cannot educate you about the entire asexual community in a single post. I’m not particularly interested in doing that. There are a lot of asexual 101 resources available if you want to search them for information about asexuality. Consider this a thumbnail post to break down some common misconceptions about asexual people, because I’m tired of seeing them repeated.

From five-rounds-rapid: A question (mostly) for my fellow aces

Considering that I don’t actually know any aces in meatspace, I figured I would ask the Internet about this. Am I the only one who has a problem with the rhetoric of sex-positivity?

From Stephanie Silberstein: Asexuals Shouldn’t Laugh Off Glee’s Acephobic Attitudes

It doesn’t matter that Glee’s writers most likely have never heard of asexuality; these attitudes contribute to the idea that asexuals are broken, that they are missing something fundamental that everyone is supposed to have.

From asexual curiosities: Yes and no

And I almost can’t believe I’m saying this, it’s so blindingly obvious, but the reason everyone isn’t spiritually pansexual is because no is a really GOOD word. No goes beautifully with sex. Without it, the entire sex-positive mission just crumbles.

From Asexuality Unabashed: The “R” Word

People, indirectly and other times very plainly, explain to me that what I’m describing to them is impossible.  I can’t be romantically attracted to someone if I don’t have sexual feelings towards them.  I blame this on the fact that in romantic relationships, love is inseparable from sex, and romance is viewed as an accessory to love.

From Virgin!Roar: Nightsky’s Roar

I am a virgin not because I’m auditioning for sainthood but because I’m an aromantic asexual: I have never experienced sexual attraction to anyone, of either sex, ever; and it doesn’t bother me because I don’t seem to have any particular need for it. This admission comes with a few standard responses, chief of which is “You poor thing.” This is especially common in feminist circles, where female sexual empowerment is considered a very important goal.

From Kaz at asexual_fandom: Gen, femslash, slash, het, and asexual relationships

How do you/would you label romantic relationships between two asexual people in fic? Slash/femslash/het, the same as if there’s sex involved? Would you ever call them gen? Or do you think they don’t fit into the categorisation system?

From Skeptic’s Play: Asexuals: Who are they and why should you care?

The workshop was wildly successful.  The room was packed with about 100 people.  People were asking questions, laughing at my jokes, and participating in discussion.  Somebody asked about demisexuality, which is just about the hardest question you can ask, but I think I handled it fine.  Several people came up to talk to me afterwards and said it was really awesome.  A couple wanted a similar presentation elsewhere.

From Asexual Cupcake: Active Asexuality

The more I mention asexuality and talk about it in real life, the more comfortable I become talking about it, explaining it, and telling more people about my orientation. The less strange it seems to the people around me, and the more it seems like just another unchangeable fact of me.

From swankivy: Are Asexuals Queer?

Are asexuals “queer”?

Perhaps I should start with my conclusion:

I don’t know.

Sweet Asexy Love Day is still soliciting last-minute submissions!



    Comment by Charles — March 19, 2011 @ 11:26 am | Reply

  2. […] I’m on break this week, so hopefully I’ll get a few posts up soon. In the mean time, this roundup of recent posts on asexuality has a ton of great links, which are relevant for anyone who reads my […]

    Pingback by Apologies for the Inconsistency « Intimacy Cartography — March 19, 2011 @ 1:08 pm | Reply

  3. Fantastic lineup today. All of those posts were great.

    Comment by semiel — March 19, 2011 @ 1:12 pm | Reply

  4. Thanks for this. I am pretty much here to STFU&L, but I did want to interject that when I saw the post name “Active Asexuality,” I thought “Asexually Active” would be a good name for a blog.

    Thanks for resources. Cheers!

    Comment by Courtney — March 20, 2011 @ 6:04 pm | Reply

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