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October 18, 2010

A Work In Progress

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Short and frankly rather disjointed update this week, because I’m up to my ears in writer’s block and some of that pesky non-ace classwork besides.

I’m also trying to write a “How to Respond Politely If Someone Comes Out As Asexual” post, but that’s likely to be a work in progress until I figure out how to be all engaging and 101-like. (Which, speaking of, please give me suggestions!) Not so much something I can throw together in a couple of hours.

And the other project I’m working on that is eating my time right now is working on a transcript of an excellent podcast that swankivy and David Jay did about a month ago on the subject of asexuality. It should be done by the end of the week–it’s an hour long podcast and I’ve been working on the transcript for a long time now–but if you haven’t heard about it, you can find the recording here or here. There’s a lot of really interesting stuff in it.

EDITED: It’s finished now. If you’re like me and have issues processing auditory media, you should be able to view the transcript as a Google document here. Be warned–it is a good 18 pages long in Word and will probably take some time to read.

Like pretty much everyone in and out of the asexosphere, I’m still thinking about the LJ ontd_feminism wank. (Yes, it was a whole week ago now. That is forever in Internet terms. It’s still relevant!) And, well, I have a lot of things to say about it, but they’re mostly rehashes of things I’ve said in other areas discussing asexuality. Suffice it to say that among other things, I am still not a fan of Oppression Olympics.

asexual_fandom has an asexual manifesto project going on, in which people volunteer every week to write about why they view particular characters as asexual–even if they’re not canonically so. I’m pretty excited about seeing what people come up with once it gets launched.  (First manifesto is due next week!) We don’t see anywhere enough asexual characters, as far as I am concerned. If so little for us is going to get published, I for one am all for reading existing characters as ace and writing stories based off of that reading.

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